Deodorant Package


The purpose of this project was to transform an environmentally harmful packaging and create a new, original template. This project received an Honourable Mention for the Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design at the 2020 RGD Student Award.

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    Packaging, UI, Branding

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Deodorant packaging


Within the scope of an eco-friendly packaging redesign project, I decided to research ideas on how to reduce plastic waste in the cosmetic industry. I realized that whenever I would finish a deodorant, a good amount of the product would stay stuck at the bottom of the plastic container. This meant either spooning the rest of the content out, or trashing the whole thing. The unimaginable goal was: Removing all plastic components from a deodorant product.

Assets & Design

I first drafted quick ideas and rough sketches, while looking at different die-lines and possible materials I could use. I decided to shoot and edit my own pictures for each design of the deodorant scents.

Prototyping Package

My first prototypes were made of regular print paper, scaled down in size. The final prototype was printed on glossy thick cardboard, and built manually. A photoshoot was held for the final outcome, which was a great way to create marketing shots for this new product.