Cho Choco Branding


Cho Choco is a french company based in Sherbrooke, selling homemade hot chocolate powder and other goods.

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    Branding, Advertising

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Cho Choco stationary


Cho Choco's popularity grew very quickly over the year, leaving their branding outdated and in need of a new identity. The goal was to give a makeover to the initial brand and give the company a look they would be proud of, while also pleasing the clientele.

First Steps

The idea was to create a new logo with a similar vibe as the old one, a friendly approach with a more modern style. The process started with a quick brainstorming and thousands of sketches. As I narrowed down on the research, different versions of colour and black/white were tested, until the final colour was picked.

Content Strategy

After the logo and visual identity were completed, merchandise like mugs, flyers, stickers and stationary were created.