Book Cover:
The Last Cycle


For this wonderful project, I had the chance to illustrate and design the entire dust-jacket for a YA novel called The Last Cycle, written by Caroline Anderson. This special edition includes a design for a sprayed edge and for an embossed seal on the front hardcover.

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    Digital illustration, Typography

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The Last Cycle book cover


Even if Mary Poppins tried to teach us that a cover is not the book, it is fair to say that a cover is the first thing that attracts people to a new novel. Especially in an era where more than 2.2 million books are being published every year, being able to identify genre, type and age range at one glance is a necessity. For this project, my goal was to create high fidelity print mockups for a dust jacket and by doing so, to learn more about the book cover industry.

Assets & Design

All elements follow current trends and style from the industry, while still being unique and original. The first plan was to use pictures and photobashing techniques, but after talking with the author we decided to go with an illustration. I started with rough sketches, then did a refined coloured sketch for all components. After finalizing the main illustration, I created the title with effects in Adobe Photoshop, to give the chosen type a chrome appearance. I used a subtle ice texture and a pink hue on the overall jacket to create a consistency between each panel. The sprayed edge and emblem design were designed last, matching the rest of the branding.

Final Print

The cover is a mix of dark and soft elements, mixing intrigue and love story. Nature elements have been incorporated as they are also really important in the story. The title is showcased in a swirly chrome serif font, which is really trendy with YA novel at the moment. Important elements such as textures, a clean and legible big title, a centered composition with interesting type hierarchy, a darker coloured jacket with reversed-out type, and metallic accents, are all included. This project was agreat experience as both an Illustrator and Designer, and I can't wait to test both separately as well.