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My name is Catherine Wilkie

I’m a storyteller and an adventure seeker

I’m an Illustrator and a Graphic Designer

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Motion Reel

What is more impressive than a compelling illustration? An animated illustration! Motion is more than just videos, it’s a great universal communication tool combining stylized visual and sound. Here's a sneak peek of my take on motion.

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Cho Choco is a french company based in Sherbrooke, selling homemade hot chocolate powder and other goods. They grew very quickly over the year, leaving their branding outdated and in need of a new identity. Come take a look at this makeover!

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This environmental packaging for deodorant and antiperspirant sticks offers an ergonomic and plastic free design. This project received Honourable Mention for the Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design (single) at the 2020 RGD Student Award.

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Deodorant packaging

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